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School of the Prophets


7:00 pm

Gatekeepers School of the Prophets provides a classroom setting where  Prophets are taught and trained to hear and recognize the voice of God.  Our Prophetic students are specifically trained for all 7 Mountains of culture, beginning with the Church.  They are trained to minister in other nations.  Our Prophetic students are taught to become specialists in releasing the Prophetic Flow.  


The first School of the Prophets is listed in the Old Testament.  Those who participated were called "sons of the prophets".  Even today, Prophetic ministry is very vital, therefore prophets should take advantage of the training that is available for them to learn and grow in their ability to hear and communicate the voice of the Lord.  Our studies include, and are not limited to:


Prophets on Assignment

Prophets, Pitfalls and Principles

Prophets and the Prophetic Movement

Dreams and Visions

Hearing and Recognizing the Voice of the Lord

Prophetic Activations

JDT Bible College Training Center








JDT Bible College training center is focused on equipping leaders with training, equipping, impartation and activation. JDT Bible College Training Center will help you discover your five fold calling.  We offer various degree options to train and  equip leaders.  For more information contact us at 856–406-6101

JDT Christian Academy

Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 3:00 pm





J.D.T. Christian Academy is committed to education with a Christian Foundation.  Our school offers Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Our focus is to provide learning and direction that produces students who are stellar achievers.   For more information call 856-406-6110 or email

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