James responded to the call of God in 1976.

In the 1970's and 1980's James attended Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia.  During this time with the permission of his Pastor, Benjamin Smith he had the opportunity to study under great men of God such as Morris Cerullo, Kenneth Hagin and Oral Roberts to name a few.  During his loyal service to Pastor Smith, James headed up a weekly evangelism team.  In 1977, Soul Searchers Evangelism Ministries was birthed and James began holding street services, tent revivals and Chance of a Lifetime Crusades to reach the lost.  In 1987, he was commissioned to start a church, thus birthing Soul Searchers Evangelistic Church (now known as GateKeepers Fellowship Church).  Dr.  James has also established JDT Christian Academy (K-12th grade), GateKeepers School of the Prophets and TEIA School of Ministry for Training, Equipping, Imparting and Activating (T.E.I.A.) now known as JDT Bible College Training Center.

After being ordained with Jameson College for many years, in 1993, James and his wife Deana (of almost 33 years), became ordained under Dr. Bill Hamon(founder of Christian International Ministries and Seminary).

In 1995, Dr. James received in honor of accomplishment, a Congressional Proclamation in NJ's first Congressional District from Congressman Andrews for the work done on the notorious Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden, NJ.  Also, in 1995 received an acknowledgment of accomplishment from Senator Wayne Bryant for work done in Camden's most notorious area.

Apostle James also received his Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from CI where he was given Christian International's first "City Transformation" Award in 2002.  

Dr. Treadwell has traveled as an international speaker to Japan, South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, India, Haiti and South Korea.

As an "Apostle of Power," Dr. James goes about activating believers and prepares them for the saints movement.  He preaches with apostolic revelation and flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Apostle Treadwell is a foundation layer.  He's anointed for warfare praise pulling down geographical strongholds.


In 1990, Apostle James moved his ministry to Admiral Wilson Blvd, the notorious seedy strip of land in Camden that reminded you of the red light district in New Orleans.  Along the boulevard,  across from the church's new home was the "Baron of the Boulevard", the manager of the French Quarters Lounge.  He openly declared that he did not know why the church moved to an area that was known for prostitution and other perverted adult activity.  He stated that it would have no effect on his business.  Apostle James declared that within 10 years, the boulevard would not be recognized and he & the GateKeepers family received victory after victory to prove his prophetic declaration true and the baron's statement false.  In April 1991 the city's zoning board unanimously voted to change the law and allow the first church to be zoned in a commercial area thus allowing GateKeepers to keep their new found home.

After years of spiritual warfare - one glorious day in June of 1995, Apostle James received a phone call to let him know that the owner of the French Quarters and a 63 unit motel (The Wilson Motel) wanted to give him this combined property (of close to 4 acres of land) for $1.00.  Well, on November 5, 1995, GateKeepers Church family marched into the former French Quarters and the Wilson Motel - their church home from 1995 - 2000.  In 2000 transformation took place on the south side of Admiral Wilson Boulevard and all establishments representing "ill-repute" were removed and GateKeepers relocated to their current headquarters on the north side of Admiral Wilson Blvd.

Apostle James D. Treadwell, Jr, D.Div. is married to Prophetess Deana R., BBS and they have one son, James the third.